At Orange, we take a serious commitment to the environment we live in. We have been making conscious and concrete efforts in making our garments sustainable and eco-friendly.For the past few years, we have already been working with most our buyers in up-cycling left over and waste fabrics to make shoe bags, garment bags and other secondaries.

Sanjeev Sareen, founder of Orange International, has a deep connection with nature and takes to it personally in our contribution towards sustainability. His connection is visual through the greenery at our manufacturing plant and his home.

The terrace garden at Orange

Understanding Organics

The item is made with organic fibers AND has been processed according to strict standards for ecological and socially responsible production along the whole supply chain. This means workers rights are protected, working conditions are safe and hygienic, only low impact dyes and inks are used, waste water is treated properly and energy and water is monitored.

If a product claims its organic and isn’t certified, there is no way of knowing if the claim is valid. The only proof or organic fabrics is certifications.

Raw Materials

Over the past 2 years, we have built strong connects with our mills supplying organic fabrics with complete certifications. All our organic fabrics carry one of the few international certifications. We have also partnered with GOTS certified dyeing and printing mills. The fabrics are processed in a very sustainable method with zero discharge to the environment.

All our beading material is azo and lead free. We are slowly making the change towards sustainable threads as well.


We are on the path to make a complete shift to biodegradable (corn starch) poly bags.

The team at Orange and our partners are constantly working towards making our industry 100% sustainable

Sanjeev’s wall of fame(12 consecutive years of winning the terrace garden competition)
Sanjeev’s terrace garden at his home